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A primary attraction at Wequassett is neighboring Cape Cod National Golf Club, one of the finest, most prestigious clubs in the nation. Play is restricted to Club members
and guests of the resort.

Designed by Brian Silva, Golf Magazine’s 1999 Architect of the Year.

The breezy, well-groomed course takes full advantage of the Cape’s unique topography and natural beauty: its glacial hills and hollows, flora and fauna, abutting cranberry bogs and stunning views of the nearby Bay.

Golf lessons are offered to guests of Wequassett based upon availability. Four Cape Cod National golf pros provide lessons to golfers of all abilities with a fee structure starting at $80 for 45 minutes.

Tee times may be made through the hotel's concierge and are available only to registered guests. Greens fees are refundable up to fifteen days prior to the scheduled tee time.



















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Rating / Slope Chart

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Hole 1 Par 5

Keep your tee shot down the right side to avoid the fairway bunker on the left. On the second shot, favor the right side again to leave you the best approach angle. This narrow green slopes slightly from back to front.

Championship Yardage: 504
Member Yardage: 489
Club Yardage: 445
Forward Yardage: 382

Hole 2 Par 4

On this long par 4, favor the right side of the fairway, avoiding the deepbunkers on the left. On your approach, be aware of the false front and the penal bunkers to the right of the green.

Championship Yardage: 467
Member Yardage: 415
Club Yardage: 373
Forward Yardage: 327

Hole 3 Par 5

From the tee, stay right to avoid the fairway bunker. Be cautious on your second shot; the fairway slopes to the right toward the water. The third shot plays longer than the yardage.

Championship Yardage: 556
Member Yardage: 521
Club Yardage: 498
Forward Yardage: 428

Hole 4 Par 4

This tee shot stresses accuracy over distance. Long hitters can carry the left bunkers, but the prudent play is to the right side of the fairway. You must carry the potbunker on the approach to this two-tiered green.

Championship Yardage: 361
Member Yardage: 335
Club Yardage: 314
Forward Yardage: 266

Hole 5 Par 4

On this challenging par 4, aim your drive at the fairway bunker on the right furthest from the tees. From that bunker, the fairway slopes downhill to a large green guarded by bunkers on the right.

Championship Yardage: 449
Member Yardage: 409
Club Yardage: 391
Forward Yardage: 326

Hole 6 Par 3

On this par 3, water and bunkers guard the green. Keep the tee shot to the right to avoid the water and the two deepest bunkers on the course.

Championship Yardage: 203
Member Yardage: 178
Club Yardage: 160
Forward Yardage: 123

Hole 7 Par 4

The saddle-shaped green on this short par 4 is hidden over the hill to the left. Play between the fairway bunkers to leave a short pitch. Going over the green almost always leads to a big number.

Championship Yardage: 311
Member Yardage: 281
Club Yardage: 263
Forward Yardage: 225

Hole 8 Par 3

This narrow green slopes from left to right. Favor the left side of the green.

Championship Yardage: 186
Member Yardage: 159
Club Yardage: 136
Forward Yardage: 111

Hole 9 Par 4

Long hitters can try and carry the bunker protecting the inside of the dogleg on the right; all others should aim toward the left side of the fairway. On your approach, note the right green side bunker.

Championship Yardage: 401
Member Yardage: 363
Club Yardage: 342
Forward Yardage: 281

Hole 10 Par 5

Aim your tee shot toward the bunker on the far side of the fairway. The hole veers right between the two bunkers you can see from the tee. Keep your second shot on the right side of the fairway. Do not fly this well-guarded green.

Championship Yardage: 510
Member Yardage: 483
Club Yardage: 462
Forward Yardage: 374

Hole 11 Par 4

Favor the right side of the fairway off the tee. You may play a run-up shot between the two green side bunkers. Keep lay-up second shots left of the fairway bunkers on the right. The back quarter of this green slopes away from you.

Championship Yardage: 471
Member Yardage: 432
Club Yardage: 410
Forward Yardage: 319

Hole 12 Par 4

Off the tee, play down the right rough/fairway line, do not go left. Your approach to the rather large, receptive green must carry a hazard. Do not enter any red or green-staked areas.

Championship Yardage:391
Member Yardage: 364
Club Yardage: 348
Forward Yardage: 306

Hole 13 Par 3

Aim at the lone pine guarding the right side of this large, deep green that slopes from back to front. The contour will bring the ball left, back onto the green. The entire left side of this hole is environmentally protected, so stay to the right.

Championship Yardage: 239
Member Yardage: 209
Club Yardage: 178
Forward Yardage: 162

Hole 14 Par 4

On this unique par 4, play your tee shot to the right side of the fairway, avoiding the left side at all costs. Most shots toward the steep hill on the right usually kick down toward the fairway. Your approach shot requires precise distance control.

Championship Yardage: 344
Member Yardage: 313
Club Yardage: 296
Forward Yardage:233

Hole 15 Par 5

Favor the left side of the fairway off the tee. Water comes into play on the second shot. This green slopes toward the pond. Note the hidden bunker to the right of the green.

Championship Yardage: 527
Member Yardage: 501
Club Yardage: 486
Forward Yardage: 415

Hole 16 Par 3

This is the shortest hole on the course. Going over this large, receptive green leads to trouble. Bunkers guard the green on all sides.

Championship Yardage: 151
Member Yardage: 127
Club Yardage: 110
Forward Yardage: 105

Hole 17 Par 4

Aim your tee shot between the bunkers fronting the fairway. Your second shot must carry the deep ravine or be a lay up to the left side of this narrowing fairway. From there, you must get up and down. Shots landing beyond this flat green will come back down the slope.

Championship Yardage: 459
Member Yardage: 425
Club Yardage: 396
Forward Yardage: 352

Hole 18 Par 4

If par is your goal on this slight dogleg left, avoid the deep right fairway bunker. Play your approach to the left center of this receptive green. Bunkers loom to the right

Championship Yardage: 424
Member Yardage: 377
Club Yardage: 345
Forward Yardage: 311

Jim Campbell, Director of Golf at the Cape Cod National Golf Club, has been a “Class A” PGA Professional since 1994. Having a father who is a PGA Professional, Jim grew up in the Boston area working in the golf business and playing competitive golf. His accomplishments include winning the Massachusetts State High School Championship, qualifying for two USGA Championships and winning the New England Senior-Junior.

John Rhodes

August 2011

Played this course as a guest of the Wequassett Resort. Loved it...

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Robert Bryson

September 2011

CCN is an outstanding course that is manicured to the highest standards...

view story ›

Daniel Eldridge

July 2011

Cape Cod National is by far my "go to" course whenever I visit the Cape...

view story ›

Ezra Hendrickx

September 2011

I was lucky enough to play Cape Cod National as a guest...

view story ›

Beth Altman

July 2011

The service at both CCN and Wequassett are phenomenal, what better than to pair the Cape's number one resort with the Cape's number one golf course...

view story ›


March 2013

Golfweek ranked Cape Cod Nation third best golf course in Massachusetts!

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